Will History Repeat Itself? Moving and Removing People in California

Will 200,000 California Residents BE MOVED?

Bay Area, CA —

We may think the 1940′s, with the relocation of 110,000 Japanese to internment camps, are long gone. We would like to think that Americans have learned from mistakes of the past.  Yet, could this issue possibly be rearing its ugly head again? Unfortunately, the answer is yes coming from California, the land of utopian statists who want to control how and where people live, work, and play.

The One Bay Area Plan or Plan Bay Area is a 25-year plan that includes housing, transportation, and land use based on the requirements of California law SB375. The plan calls for massive centralized command and control on how Bay Area residents will live in the coming decades. In fact, elite bureaucrats actually dream about moving more than 200,000 people from the East Bay to San Francisco! Read complete article here

Published in The Revered Review: Newspaper of Small Town America


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