Santa Clara County Planners Admit Violating Private Property Rights

 Planners Admit to Violating Private Property Rights

Let everyone you know in Santa Clara County who ever has or will have to deal with property rights or go before a planning commission.   What about the planning commission in your town and/or county?  Most likely that are pushing smart growth and sustainable development which are incompatible with private property rights and sustainable liberty

 You will learn from Commission John Vidovich that that “THE COUNTY VIOLATES PEOPLES PERSONAL PROPERTY RIGHTS”! But as you will see, WHO CARES according to Commissioner Vidovich.  WHO CARES?  

Who is Commissioner Vidovich?

John Vidovich, Vice-Chair of Santa Clara County Planning Commission, the guy who admits that Santa Clara County violates private property rights.   He was appointed by Dave Cortese who is one of the Santa Clara members on the ABAG board.   Term expires 6/30/13.  He is a former developer with property in the central valley and receives farm subsidies for that property.

Some comments regarding  John’s appointment to the Commission:

“He is considered a shrewd businessman, one of Silicon Valley’s richest and best-connected developers…And two years ago, he and members of his family were criticized by the Environmental Working Group for accepting more than $1 million in federal farm subsidies… Vidovich  said …”I’m against the farm payment system. We participate in it because it’s there, but I’m against it.” “  How does one spell HYPOCRISY ????

This  is a wealthy guy who is a crony capitalist guy who supports his buddies and blocks others, like the prior property owner who was prohibited from developing the property because of “environmental”issues.

This is a rich developer who only believes in property rights for himself.