Dangers of Regionalism

Regional Government is NOT Self-Government


Metropolitan Transporation Commission (MTC) and the Association of Bay Area Governments (ABAG) are joined by Joint Venture Silicon Valley Network and Silicon Valley Community Foundation.  They and many other unelected bureaucrats and self-appointed “community leaders” are pushing hard for regionalization, merging the entire Bay Area in to one region.  This is a very dangerous idea for the following reasons:

1.      Businesses can get economies of scale but governments get ossification of bureaucracy as they grow so the supposed claims of efficiencies are false.

2.      Regionalization gives much more power to special interests.  Instead of having to lobby 101 cities (teachers unions, police, firefighters come to mind), they can just put pressure on the regional guys who will cave in a heartbeat.

3.      Local city governments and even county governments become irrelevant, ceremonial positions.

4.      People lose any chance of influencing their government.  Regional government is not self-government, even if the regional people are elected.  It is too far removed from the people.  Our country was set up to have most of the power with the individual and local government.  That is already in jeopardy because of the power of the Feds and the State.  It will be even worse as things regionalize.  LOCAL is the key.

Regionalization is the antithesis of self government where the power is supposed to be with the people and their local elected officials.  There is no One Bay Area.    There are  101 cities and 9 counties with completely different characters.That is part of the charm and attraction of the area.