COALITION Against Plan Bay Area



as of June 9, 2014


  Alameda County Property Rights Task Force
.       Alameda County Republican Party
.       Bay Area Citizens
.       Bay Area Patriots
.       CPR-Californians for Property Rights
.       Citizens Town Hall
.       Conservative Forum of Silicon Valley
.       Conservative Party of California
.       Constitution Party of California
.       Contra Costa Republican Party
.       Democrats Against UN Agenda 21
.       East Bay Tea Party
.       Frederick Douglass Foundation
.       Friends of Danville
.       Gilroy-Morgan Hill Patriots
.       Libertarian Party of San Francisco
.       Liberty Volunteers
.       Log Cabin Republicans of San Francisco
.       Marin Republican Party
.       MyLiberty
.       Napa Republican Party
.       North Bay Patriots
.       The Northern Division, East Bay Region of the California Republican Women Federated
.       Post Sustainability Institute
.       Orinda Watch
.       Quiet and Safe San Rafael
.       Santa Rosa Neighborhood Coalition
.       San Francisco Republican Party
.       San Francisco Tea Party
.       SFBay 912
.       SFBay CAPR
.       Solano County Republican Party
.       Solano Tea Party Patriots
.       Sonoma County Republican Party
.       SV912 – Silicon Valley 912
.       Tea Party Patriots of Silicon Valley
.       Ygnacio Valley Republican Women

*Organizations listed are united in opposition to Plan Bay Area but do not necessarily share other political, social or legislative views